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(Image by Unknown Owner) Details DMCA by Ashley Simpson With so much focus on abortion, some of us can get lost in the weeds and not see the forest for the trees. But because of the abortion debate, women don't often ask questions about other issues that influence their health and the health of their families and communities. One of the most important of those issues is guns. In fact, the epidemic of gun violence - particularly among women and children - is arguably even more important than the debate over abortion. Last month, President Obama and Vice President Biden publicly announced their plan to curb gun violence in the U.S. After listening to the public testimony, they proposed a set of 10 "common sense" measures. The plan includes such things as increasing funding for gun violence research and prevention, closing the gun show loophole and ensuring that new gun regulations are in place before a gun is sold. But we don't need to wait for Congress to do something. Last week, Giffords, McRae, and their community partners - Gun Violence Prevention Network and the Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence - launched a series of new community programs across the country to educate communities about the impact of gun violence on women and children. The Giffords-McRae Gun Violence Prevention Initiative is being launched in three states - Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania - to draw attention to the violence that plagues women, children and communities across America. Since the devastating shooting that left former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a coma, Sandy Hook Elementary School and now this past summer's shootings of African American students, the nation has been rethinking gun safety. This public dialogue is an important opportunity to challenge the longstanding myths surrounding guns and to begin the long process of enacting common sense gun laws. Over the past several decades, the gun industry has spent $15 billion a year promoting gun ownership and teaching the basic ideology that guns protect us from criminals. There is an entrenched opposition to gun control that has been powerful and sustained for years. But our new gun violence prevention initiative will work to shift the conversation by directly challenging the most dangerous myths surrounding guns and gun ownership. More importantly, we will be exploring the issue of gun violence and gun ownership through concrete community programs that bring gun violence to life for women and children across the country. For example, in Wisconsin, we are working with Wisconsin Parental Choice Network, Wisconsin Educators





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Codigo De Activacion Plex Earthl [Latest-2022]

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