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About Us

We are a company with 29 years old in the market. Since 1991, the EcoAndes Travel team has created excellent tours and real experiences in South America, so that visitors from all over the world can enjoy each of these tourist destinations. With a passion for nature, sustainability, history and our culture, we have developed our main destinations consciously and boldly by trying new trips to challenge your dreams.


Our style of small group travel guarantees that you will travel as close as possible to real life, with excellent guides that are mostly native to the place.

Why should you prefer us?

After 29 years in the market Ecoandes has enough experience to provide its services to the most demanding public. In addition, we have designed and designed tours with excellent tours and real experiences in South America so that visitors from all over the world can fully enjoy each of these experiences.


We have personalized service and value from our employees. For expeditions where guides are required, we have certified and qualified personnel to handle several languages.

Fulfilling your expectations

Our main objective is to make our customers happy, for this constant reason we seek to exceed their expectations in the service they are going to hire. We offer our consumers the opportunity to epitomize their itineraries, thus allowing people to have the possibility to know what they really want and not miss anything.

Country Representative

- Ecuador, four worlds of diversity in one world.

- Galapagos, the best world destination to know wildlife.

- Peru, the “navel of the world of the Inca Empire” and sacred city.

- Bolivia, the wonderland for its incredible landscapes.

- Chile, a country to fall in love with its diversity and quality of people.

Your B2B Destination Specialist Operator

With endless options, attractions and travel styles, our company focuses on creating the best option for its customers. Are you thinking of creating a bird watching tour through the Amazon rainforest? How about a gastronomic experience in the culinary capital of South America? Perhaps a high altitude mountaineering expedition through the beautiful Andes?


Our highly trained team can offer you infinite options according to your travel styles and the needs of your company. Our EcoAndes travel brand can be easily marked with a white label so that your own brand is visible throughout the trip.

Our Team

David Torres

General Manager

About 30 years ago, my parents guided people in the mountains, this is where it all started. I spent all my life working in the industry, I got the passion for their nature. A few years ago I graduated as a naturalist guide of Galapagos that helped me to understand even more the complicity of nature and the importance of conservation.

Gabor Csizmadia

Sales & Marketing

My name is Gabor, a Hungarian who fell in love with Ecuador. I am passionate about discovering new places, hanging out in nature, photography, cooking, music and much more. Tourism allows me to learn from different cultures and keeps my mind open for everything. One of the most incredible experiences I had was spending 3 days in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, where I met the local communities, learned about the presence of flora and fauna in the area and tried local specialties.

Jacqueline Rivadeneira

Planning Manager

I'm Jackie Rivadeneira, my passion for history and geography allowed me to love the country, start my professional career as a national tour guide, travel through Ecuador let me know firsthand how wonderful and diverse the country can be, it was the best experience In my life, today I create dreams from my desk, I create experiences for those tourists eager to fulfill their dreams in a new country.

Edwin Vega

Sales Representative

I am Edwin Vega, I like to travel and meet new places, meet new people and meet new customs and traditions. Also, I like to try new kitchens. I love to share my passion for Ecuador with others so that they can also fall in love with my country, its biodiversity, history and culture, for these reasons I decided to study Tourism. My favorite experience was in the Galapagos Islands. Here, you can relax surrounded by unique species of animals, breathe fresh air and enjoy wonderful landscapes. All this while learning about the life of the locals and Darwin's theory of evolution.

Tatiana Mejía

Sales assistant

I am Tatiana Mejía as the daughter of an Ecuadorian-Colombian marriage, I traveled through both countries thoroughly, which opened my mind and curiosity, what I was passionate about doing with other people; So I decided to study tourism. I am in love with our culture and traditions, the warmth we show towards locals and foreigners, and the fact that we welcome everyone with open arms. Snorkeling is the best activity for me and the first time I saw sharks in Galapagos it was amazing, I felt very happy and a lot of adrenaline difficult to describe.


Since 1991 creating lifelong experiences


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