Ecoandes Travel is a Receptive Tourism family business founded in 1991 and with great experience in planning and operation of cultural tours, ecotourism, religious tours, adventure tours (climbing, hiking, boating, etc.) in South America.


Ecoandes Travel is part of the LTC (Latin Travel Collection) group that has its own offices

of tourist operations in Ecuador (main office), Peru, Bolivia, Chile and soon in Colombia.

EcoAndes Travel

A country full of wonders

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Since 1991, the EcoAndes Travel team has created excellent tours and real experiences in South America for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. With a passion for nature, sustainability, history and our culture, we have developed our main destinations consciously and boldly by trying new trips to challenge your dreams.


4 worlds in one


Evolution in action 


The land of the Incas


 Wild nature


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 Wild nature

Your B2B Tour Operator From South America

With endless options, attractions and travel styles, our company focuses on creating the best option for its customers. Are you thinking of creating a bird watching tour through the Amazon rainforest? How about a gastronomic experience in the culinary capital of South America? Perhaps a high altitude mountaineering expedition through the beautiful Andes? Our highly trained team can offer you infinite options according to your travel styles and the needs of your company. Our EcoAndes travel brand can be easily marked with a white label so that your own brand is visible throughout the trip.